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Pricing Terms and Policies

Welcome to InPerSuit™. These “Pricing Terms” govern the pricing and payment for lawyers using our products or services. By using our products or services, you agree to pay and be bound to these terms and our Lawyer Agreement.

As a participating lawyer, you have discretion to set your legal fees for legal services offered to InPerSuit legal consumers. You must clearly indicate your fee rates in our intake form and promptly update changes to your rates by notifying us and in compliance with your jurisdiction’s applicable rules of professional conduct. We will promptly ensure that your rates are updated on your profile when notified.

Participating lawyers pay for the following InPerSuit™ products and services: i) enrollment, ii) marketing, intake, screening and other legal support (“Acquisition”), iii) “no-lead loss” interview scheduling, and/or iv) practice support.

Enrollment includes products and services related to the lawyer’s intake, verification, acceptance and profile set up on our platform. Enrollment is incurred when a lawyer is accepted to InPerSuit’s platform and the lawyer’s profile becomes active. Enrollment is paid annually at a rate of $399, or may be paid in monthly installments of $39 per month.

Acquisition includes consumer marketing, intake, screening and other legal or technology support services. Acquisition pricing is set through an algorithm that calculates the relative pricing of these present and future services at specific time intervals based on business economic factors including investment, inventory, time and market risk. Relative pricing is calculated in each instance based upon a relative inventory value for inclusion in Acquisition. Acquisition is included in the consumer’s case description or other other written form prior to scheduling and other legal support services to the lawyer. Acquisition must be paid in accordance with the Lawyer Agreement. When Acquisition is not incurred, our “no-lead loss” interview scheduling service cost to interviewing lawyers is 7% of Acquisition.

Practice support includes legal support products and services for the consumer and lawyer after Acquisition. Included are specified and standardized status updates from public databases, or unsolicited non-privileged inquiries from the lawyer or consumer. Practice support is solely intended to improve legal service, client retention, and client satisfaction. Practice support is $24 per month.

We reserve the right to charge for additional products or services provided. We also reserve the right to modify, change or update these terms. Modifications, changes or updates to these terms will be reflected in the most recent version of our Pricing Terms. Pricing for our products or services is within the sole discretion of InPerSuit™. Any reduction or adjustment in pricing does not constitute waiver or modification of our Pricing Terms or the Lawyer Agreement. Your use of our products or services constitutes agreement to the terms of the most recent version of our Lawyer Agreement. Your use of our products or services after modification, change or update constitutes acceptance of our Pricing Terms, as revised.