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Note from our Founder

InPerSuit™ was created to help people find and receive the best legal representation available. Our commitment to improve legal service and provide clarity for consumers facing a legal matter is the most important cause for our company.

Like most students in law school, I was filled with youthful optimism and inspired by the words of prominent legal scholars as they spoke about the nobility of practicing law and the pursuit of justice. As lawyers know all too well, our optimism can be lost to the realities of justice administration and the challenges encountered in day-to-day law practice. For those in need of legal representation, they often have the most to lose and the least insight into the legal process. As a lawyer, I learned that every case had significant importance for the client with potential for even greater impact on others. Lawyers will have many clients and many cases in their career. To the client, the quality of a lawyer’s service profoundly impacts their life during and after the legal process. We believe that a lawyer’s work should provide a positive change in the lives of those represented.

InPerSuit’s purpose begins with the universal truth that every person facing a legal issue deserves to be well-informed before hiring a lawyer or pursuing a legal matter. We help people hire the right lawyer to receive the best legal representation available, because hiring the lawyer is the most important decision for those needing legal representation.

I still believe that a lawyer can and should make a positive difference in people's lives. Together, we will improve legal service one consumer and one case at a time. InPerSuit will strive to provide solutions for lawyers so they can provide the best service imaginable for their clients. We can make a positive impact on the legal system together.

I hope that you are inspired by the type of company we are building and will continue following our journey. Our mission is too important to compromise. We remain determined to improve legal support and to advance improvement in the quality of legal services.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Warm Regards,

Shane Lucado, Esq.

Shane Lucado, Esq.

Founder & CEO

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